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Agile is a next-generation learning framework, designed to help students in the classroom today have a thriving tomorrow.

A student-centered approach, Agile classrooms emphasize collaboration, communication, self-organization, and social skills that will benefit them not only in the classroom, but through all areas of life.

Agile Classrooms - 21st century education

It’s time to transcend
beyond traditional education models.

Providing the opportunity for meaningful learning journeys, let’s work together to amplify the full potential of students everywhere.

Supporting Student-Centered Education

How Agile Classrooms helps students become future-fit

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Deepens Learning

Using practical and iterative tools, students are able to own their learning, helping to develop deeper knowledge and higher-order thinking.

Enriches Relationships

Students form collaborative teams to support one another throughout their learning. This effective self-management helps teachers and students craft an empowered learning alliance, developing trust and respect.

Broadens The Future

Inspired by Agile, an approach the most innovative companies use today, students incorporate authentic 21st Century Life and Career Skills throughout their learning that employers and colleges will recognize. Agile Learners are future-fit.

The Approach

For the innovative educator, who wants collaborative and self-directed students, yet is fearful that the classroom might slip into chaos without enough structure, Agile Classrooms empowers you with an operating system for 21st Century Learning that provides structures to scaffold and adapt student choice and collaboration.

Unlike other prescriptive and rigid learning approaches that may work for academics, but are not transferable to the ‘real world’, Agile Classrooms are based on real-world approaches that the most innovative companies in the world use. In an Agile Classroom, your students are better able to meet the learning goals of today while being ready for the modern world of work they will enter.

Agile Classrooms Approach

Agile Classrooms helps students to:

Student Agile Classrooms
  • Set their own goals and objectives
  • Use insights from prior learning to inform future learning goals
  • Interpret what they want to learn and what they need to learn
  • Manage scope of work and learning in relation to time constraints
  • Apply initiative and self-direction
  • Articulate need for support through self-advocacy
  • Be accountable to self and others
  • Practice effective conflict resolution skills
  • Develop strategies for giving and receiving critical feedback
  • Curate a toolkit of self-reflection tools
  • Apply problem-solving strategies
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21st-Century Learning

Agile: The Future Of Education

Students are entering a fast-paced, dynamic, and uncertain world, and they will be tasked with addressing increasingly complex problems. They need to develop skills and a mindset that will help them navigate this changing environment. Agile Education more effectively prepares students for the 21st-century lives and careers they are destined to enter.

21st century learning

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