10 Reflections for Agile Learners

Reflection is the heart of becoming an empowered and collaborative learner that continuously improves and quickly adapts to a fast changing world.  But, they can be more engaging and easier to use. 

Student Team Reflection with Sticky Notes

We have designed 10 reflections for you that are visible, fun, and evokes different perspectives. They can be used for individual, group, or whole school reflection.

10 Learner Reflections 
In Agile Classrooms, reflection occurs at the end of the Learning Rhythm: Plan, Daily Check-In, Review, and Reflect; repeating every 1-4 weeks. But, you can use these on their own at anytime

You can use these for individuals, group, and/or whole classroom reflections. 

10 Reflections for Agile Learners from Agile Classrooms

Download the 10 Reflections for Agile Learners here and enjoy, our gift to you.
Send me a note if you use it. I love pictures of these in action.

Oh, here is one way run a Reflection as a group.

Thank You!
John Miller | Agile Classrooms


  1. Willy Wijnands on 12/31/2015 at 8:31 am

    Wauw John,
    Again great work collection on reflections.
    The variaty is also very important! So you dit it!
    Of course I use your reflections.

    Willy Wijnands
    Founder of eduScrum

  2. john miller on 12/31/2015 at 8:37 am

    Thanks Willy!
    If you want any changes on these, let me know. For example, I debated if I should leave the reflection blank, without the question prompts, so you or students can write in your own.

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