21st Century Skills Cards

Another Card Deck from us to you.
This one lays out the Life and Career Skills as outlined by the Partnership for 21st Century Learning.
I recently used it to as a card game to learn about 21st Century Skills and to form cross-strength student teams.
There are many other useful and fun ideas to use the 21st Century Skills Card Deck that I hope to share with you in the future.
I know you will come up with your own uses. 

Enjoy the Learning Rhythm Deck, it can be downloaded here:
1. Letter Sized (8.5 x 11) – Print on one letter sized paper and cut the cards out.

2. Index Card Sizes (3×5) – Load up your printer with index cards and print.

You can find more resources on the Agile Classrooms Resource page, freely available to you.

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