A New Learning Canvas Prototype

In observing many Agile Classrooms in action, I have noticed a few issues that  pop up frequently. In accordance with the principle of making the learning visible in order to support the student’s self-direction, I created an updated Learning Canvas to help.
Problem 1: At times, students and teachers have trouble following or forget key parts of the Agile Learning Cycle. So I added “We Are Here” at the bottom, listing the steps of the Learning Rhythm/Sprint, with prompts on what to do. The students would simply use a sticky note to track where they are.
Problem 2: Students not solving impediments/problems they encounter. Students will either skip problem solving themselves or go straight to the teacher for help. In most cases, we want the students to try it themselves and then seek help from others in the classroom. So, I added a visible problem-seeking ladder to the top right of the Canvas. The students would simply use a sticky note, starting from the left and then moving across to the right, until the problem is resolved. This also serves as cue the teacher when they are needed while giving students the space to solve their problems on their own first.
Problem 3: Students to not take the outcome of their reflection and make actionable goals to grow themselves as learners in the next learning cycle. I added Growth Goals on the bottom right, where the student/team would place their goals they created from their last Reflection so they can focus on applying in the learning cycle.
My approach has always been to allow teachers to add to the Learning Canvas and use the elements that serve them, so, I have always kept it very basic.  So, I am seeking feedback if this is an improvement, would it be useful, and does still keep it simple enough to follow. Please add a comment to this post or email john@agileclassrooms.com.
I always encourage teachers to design their own Learning Canvas, but, I also have seen giving teachers options and starting points to help tremendously as they are learning to create an Agile Classroom for the first time.
Agile Classrooms Learning Canvas Option – Problems/Process/Growth 

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