Agile Classrooms at Grandview Prep

I am very grateful for the continuous requests for learning about Agile Classrooms. My inbox is filled and I wish I could say I have responded to each one.
Due to Agile Classrooms consisting of only one person along with my other initiatiave in helping to transform business to grow their Authentic Agility at and helping to lead an alliance of leaders in the Agile Education movement at,  I am very selective in who I decide to help, simply due to my capacity. I want to help those that fit the Agile in Education mindset and who are committed to evolving education for their students.

When I saw this video from Grandview Preparatory Academy seeking an Agile Classrooms workshop, I knew they had the elements to be successful with becoming an Agile Classrooms.
I am excited to share that the next Agile Classrooms workshop will be help at Grandview Preparatory Academy in Boca Rotan Florida in December. We are grateful that the event will be sponsored by the Scrum Alliance, as they continue their help in bringing Agile and Scrum to education.

This will be our first group in which we will begin the Agile Classroom Teacher train the trainer program. As demand is increasing, we need educators to help spread the Agile in Education movement. Those chosen to be Agile Classroom Trainers will have access to all the material to help schools learn to become more Agile and will be crucial in shaping the evolution of the Agile Classrooms model to be more authentic to the world of education.

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