Agile Classroom Workshops

Empowering A Future-Ready Generation of Students and Professionals

Get ready for an in-depth immersion into the world
of Agile Classrooms.

Through practical, hands-on training and coaching, Agile Classrooms Workshops help educators learn, plan, and implement Agile ways of learning and working.

Whether you join an in-person or online workshop, gain hands-on practice applying the mindset, techniques, and routines of an Agile Classroom.

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Get ready to power your classrooms with a culture of choice, collaboration, and adaptiveness to change.

Agile Classrooms Workshop Learning Objectives

In An Agile Classrooms Workshop, We Will Be Covering These Objectives

Ready to bring Agile into your classroom?

Here’s how to implement the principles and practices of Agile Classrooms into your own school

Become a Certified Agile Classroom Teacher© (ACT) and implement the Agile Classroom framework immediately in your classroom, course, club, after-school program, or faculty team. All workshops are LIVE and instructor-led for expert guidance and real-time feedback.

Join A Public Workshop

For individual teachers and educators looking to truly embrace modern 21st-century learning

Whole School Professional Development

Bring Agile Classrooms to your faculty in a private workshop to cultivate deep conversations designed around your custom context

By the end of the workshop you will receive:

Achieve th e Certified Agile Classrooms Teacher credential, the Gold Standards for Agile Education.

A digital badge to showcase your commitment to being an innovative agile educator

The Agile Educator Start-Up Kit - templates to accelerate your implementation

Access to digital resources and templates for you to use in your classroom

Exclusive membership to the Agile Classroom Community

Have Questions Or Want To Talk Through Your Options?

Creating 21st Century Learning Environments

21st century learning

By Becoming A Certified Agile Classroom Teacher©, You Will Be Able To:

  • Create a paradigm shift in how you look at learning so that it reinvigorates your passion for teaching & learning
  • Learn a simpler, lighter, and more empowering way to run student projects
  • Gain a sense of pride in seeing your students become self-directed learners
  • Embrace newfound freedom to decide how to teach and learn while still aligning to curriculum and standards
  • Deeply integrate 21st Century Skills so students can thrive in academics, life, and career
  • Practice higher social and emotional intelligence throughout all learning so students become constructive leaders and global citizens
  • Grow your students’ capacity to focus, make good decisions, collaborate, and adapt.
  • As you stick with it, the classroom starts to manage itself, freeing up your time so that you can connect to each student at a deeper level.

Who Should Attend

Teachers, teaching assistants, and paraprofessionals

Principals, Assistant Principals, and other school leaders

Student Leaders

Instructional and 21st Century Learning Coaches

Curriculum Directors and Staff

Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, and other District Leaders

Ready to bring Agile into your classroom?

When it comes to implementing new strategies in the classroom, I know you have fears…

...You’re afraid that if you lose control, the classroom will descend into chaos

...Or maybe you’re afraid that your students will fall behind on their learning goals

...And maybe you’re afraid it won’t get the parent and faculty support you’ll need

Student Agile Classrooms
Student Agile Classrooms (1)

But as an Agile Educator, here’s what you will GAIN:

  • Confidence in your students’ ability to self-manage and collaborate
  • The ability to scaffold self-direction and collaboration incrementally, so that your students are progressing without the risk of giving full control at once
  • The freedom to connect with each student at a deeper level because you no longer are having to micromanage the classroom and each student.

Don’t just take it from us.

See what other educators have had to say!

“Our students are beginning to open up and take ownership. They have never been exposed to something like this and can really see the value in what they are doing. It has a lot of meaning and purpose now."

Anthony Scanio

Principal, Blueprint High School

"Using Agile Classrooms has been the most powerful conduit to broaden my students' learning. Really I was lost on how to empower my students towards developing deep learning.  It offered me the chance to design my classroom experience in a visually more efficient, productive and self-directed way."

Chris Scott

Social Studies Teacher, Santa Ynez School

For Forward-Thinking, Innovative Leaders and Educators

By Becoming An Agile Educator You Are Enabling a Future Of Change

Unlike other approaches, Agile Classrooms empowers you, as the professional educator, to design an Agile Classroom that fits your context and at the pace that works best for you.

With access to all the tools, templates, and resources you need, you will be able to immediately implement Agile into your classroom or remote learning spaces and begin to enable a culture of change.

Workshops Approach

It’s time to empower a future-fit generation of students and professionals.

Become an Agile educator today!

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