Agile Educator Spotlight: Heather Carreiro

Heather Carreiro|, Agile Educator

One of the best parts of my job conducing workshops and coaching for Agile Classrooms is meeting extraordinary 21st Century school leaders.  After all, only the innovative and trailblazing educators are considering something like Agile for their schools. Most recently, I met one of the most vibrantly positive 21st Century Leader, Heather Carreiro. She is Deputy Head of School at the American Academy in Ho Chi Minh City.

She discovered the Agile Classrooms website, and began to implement the ideas right away in her classroom. The results were impressive,  her class moved very quickly from one that’s expected to be told what to do to one that was highly self-organizing. This sold her on the benefits, so, she reached out to me to come to her school for professional development & coaching. In August, I found myself on the other side of the globe in Ho Chi Minh City.

Heather has a page on her website that shares her experience with Agile. So, instead of me telling the story, let Heather share it with you on the Agile Learning page on her website Heather is a remarkable leader for 21st Century Learning, and I know she will inspire you as much as she has her colleagues, her students, & myself.

Student Agility at American Academy

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