Revitalizing Agile Retrospectives with Katas: Part 1

Revitalizing Agile Retrospectives With Toyota Kata

Retrospectives have been a cornerstone for continuous improvement for Agile teams. They are the sacred moments for reflection, adaptation, and connection. Yet, many teams report that retrospectives feel ineffectual, leaving them running in circles rather than advancing forward. Why is this, and how can we change it? The Traditional Woes of Retrospectives The Toyota Kata:…

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Goals Aren’t Expectations: A Compass Not A Stopwatch

Goals Are Not Expectations

Goals Aren’t Expectations: The Unseen Power in the Distinction Goals and expectations. We use these terms as if they’re interchangeable, but they’re not. The nuance matters, particularly when you’re in the role of a coach, leader, or even a student of life. What Exactly Are Goals? Goals are your compass, they are the direction you…

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Agile Learning Zones – Part 1: Growing Collaboration & Choice

Agile Learning Zones - The intersection of student collaboration and student choice

21st Century Classrooms: The Case for Agile Learning The 21st century is characterized by its rapid change, increased competition, and unprecedented connectedness, all of which necessitate a progressive approach to education (read Why 21st Century Skills for more details). Responding to this need, our ongoing series on Agile Classrooms has focused on nurturing future-ready skills…

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Dark Scrum/Bright Scrum: From Checklists to Culture

Dark Scrum vs Bright Scrum

Explore the stark contrast between Dark Scrum and Bright Scrum in the world of Agile. This insightful piece takes you on a journey, illustrating how organizations can transition from an oppressive, coercive Scrum environment to a positive, empowering one. It provides practical insights and concrete steps to create a thriving Agile culture. Dive in to understand Scrum’s potential beyond mere checklists, and embrace the promise of team empowerment.

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