Lynnhaven School’s Mission to Empower Students With Agile

FacebookTweetPinLinkedInEmail When it comes to education, one size does not fit all. This is why schools are turning to innovative approaches to help students succeed. The Agile Classrooms framework has been a game-changer for Lynnhaven School, and in a recent webinar, Casey Hitchcock and Jim Frago shared their inspiring journey of implementing agile in their…

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Strong Team Maps For Agile Student Teams

FacebookTweetPinLinkedInEmail Forming Agile Student Teams As an educator, you already know how powerful group work can be for promoting deeper learning, enhancing creative problem-solving, and improving communication skills. However, creating student groups that are truly effective is not always an easy task. In a previous article, we described the five attributes of an Agile student…

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Agile Student Teams: The Secret To Make Groupwork Work

FacebookTweetPinLinkedInEmail Developing effective teaming skills is a critical requirement for future readiness. In the world of complex challenges, real teams are the key to success, not just groups. Thus, one of the central objectives of an Agile Classroom is to enhance students’ ability to learn and work in real teams. When it comes to working…

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AEA Learning Interview About Agile in Education

Level Up Learning interview with John Miller on Agile Classrooms

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Ukemi – The Art of Falling

FacebookTweetPinLinkedInEmail In the world of Judo, there is an essential art called Ukemi, which translates to “the receiving body.” Its purpose is to teach us how to fall correctly after being thrown without causing any harm. Falling is inevitable in Judo; therefore, one of the first skills a player learns is to fall safely and…

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Avoid the Flaws With 21st-Century Skills Programs

“Agile is a brilliant model for schools. Shakes off much of the legacy thinking that holds us back.” – Daniel Pink

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Five Flaws With 21st-Century Skills Programs +Infographic

5 Flaws with 21st-Century Skills programs caused by implementing them with a 20th-century mindset.

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How to Start an Agile Classroom: Start Small & Start Safe.

FacebookTweetPinLinkedInEmail Implementing an agile approach to education can seem intimidating, but it can bring numerous benefits for students and teachers. If you’re considering integrating real future-ready skills, this article will share some tips on starting an Agile Classroom without getting overwhelmed. Here are a few ways to start that are small and safe. Agile in…

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How To Safely Innovate In Your Classroom -Turning Up Student Choice And Collaboration

With 2 simple dials, student choice and collaboration, you can safely innovate in your classroom.

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Coffee On The Brain Podcast Interviews John Miller

FacebookTweetPinLinkedInEmail John Miller, the founder of Agile Classrooms, recently joined Aaron Maurer on the “Coffee For The Brain” podcast to discuss the benefits of using Agile principles in education. TOPICS WE EXPLORE TAKEAWAYS One of the key takeaways from the podcast was the power of the word “permission” in creating a culture of learning and…

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Make Learning Visible With The Learning Canvas

Learning Canvas

Introducing the Learning Canvas – a tool that helps students track their progress and make learning visible. With columns representing each step of the learning process, teachers and students can use cards or sticky notes to move their work from one part of the learning workflow to the next. This helps everyone stay organized and on track. The Learning Canvas is an excellent way for teachers to foster collaboration and responsibility among their students and is more engaging than traditional worksheets and logs.”

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The Review Routine – A Feedback Protocol

An Agile Classroom encourages a frequent tempo and structure to demonstrate progress and receive feedback on small increments of learning. This is called the Review Routine. The Review Routine occurs at the end of each Learning Sprint.

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