The Surprising Causes of Project Delays: The Four Delayers

Causes of Project Delays: The Four Detrimental Delayers Infographic.

Learn how to identify and address the four delayers that can cause project delays, including distractions, dependencies, decision latency, and debt.

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The 5 Dysfunctions That Stifle Student Collaboration: Part 1

5 Student Team Dysfunctions that impacts 21st-Century skills in classrooms and generates group work drama.

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Sprint Goals Made Simple: Use S.P.R.I.N.T. To Craft Sprint Goals

Setting SPRINT Goals Infographic

What is a Sprint Goal Let’s take a step back first. 🌍 In the Scrum framework, a Sprint Goal is our shared objective, our north star for the sprint. It’s like the mission statement or commander’s intent for that particular Sprint. But just having a goal isn’t enough; it needs to be an effective one!…

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The Dangers of the “Outcomes Over Outputs” Mantra

When it comes to progress, we all strive to make a meaningful impact in our lives and the world around us. It’s a journey that revolves around two fundamental elements: output and outcomes. My definition of progress is output towards a desired outcome. “Progress is output towards a desired outcome“ Output encompasses the tangible results…

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The 5C Formula For Igniting Student Empowerment

Intro In today’s ever-changing world, educators are no longer mere purveyors of knowledge. We are shepherds, guiding our students toward becoming thinkers, creators, and innovators. Today, we’re unveiling a path-breaking formula for igniting student empowerment. We’ll explore the 5C’s and offer questions to help you kindle self-guided learning in your classrooms. Student Empowerment = Context…

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10 Tips to Becoming an Impediment Crusher

By Laura Williams Ok, so look, it’s not really about the time it takes; it’s about the steps you take towards the impediment crusher mindset and the processes you put into place to set your students up for success. And when you take these steps, you will find yourself teaching and thriving in an agile…

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4 Steps to an Agile Classroom

How to Build an Agile Classroom in 4 Steps

Are you ready to grow an Agile Classroom that supports student-led learning and fosters creativity and innovation? Then, let’s get started with these four steps! Step 1: Make Learning Visible The first step to create an Agile Classroom is to make learning visible. This means you and your students must be aware of the learning…

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Lynnhaven School’s Mission to Empower Students With Agile

When it comes to education, one size does not fit all. This is why schools are turning to innovative approaches to help students succeed. The Agile Classrooms framework has been a game-changer for Lynnhaven School, and in a recent webinar, Casey Hitchcock and Jim Frago shared their inspiring journey of implementing agile in their school.…

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Strong Team Maps For Agile Student Teams

Forming Agile Student Teams As an educator, you already know how powerful group work can be for promoting deeper learning, enhancing creative problem-solving, and improving communication skills. However, creating student groups that are truly effective is not always an easy task. In a previous article, we described the five attributes of an Agile student team:…

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Agile Student Teams: The Secret To Make Groupwork Work

Developing effective teaming skills is a critical requirement for future readiness. In the world of complex challenges, real teams are the key to success, not just groups. Thus, one of the central objectives of an Agile Classroom is to enhance students’ ability to learn and work in real teams. When it comes to working collaboratively,…

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AEA Learning Interview About Agile in Education

Level Up Learning interview with John Miller on Agile Classrooms

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Ukemi – The Art of Falling

In the world of Judo, there is an essential art called Ukemi, which translates to “the receiving body.” Its purpose is to teach us how to fall correctly after being thrown without causing any harm. Falling is inevitable in Judo; therefore, one of the first skills a player learns is to fall safely and get…

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