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10 Reflections for Agile Learners

Reflection is the heart of becoming an empowered and collaborative learner that continuously improves and quickly adapts to a fast changing world.  But, they can be more engaging and easier to use. Student Team Reflection with Sticky NotesWe have designed 10 reflections for you that are visible, fun, and evokes different perspectives. They can be used…

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4C Learner Reflection

I am excited to share a new Reflection Canvas for you to try!It is called the 4C Reflection. It is based on the concepts in Sharon Bowman’s book Training From the Back of the Room, a must read! You can use this for individual learners, shared reflection with student groups, and whole classroom reflection. Using sticky…

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Morning Rush to Morning Flow

“Get dressed, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, don’ forget to put your school work in your bag…., did you remember to….”.Ahhhh, the morning routine of a household with a 7 year old girl. You know what it’s like. As a parent, the morning can be an anxious filled time. We are not only trying to…

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Reflection: Start Stop Continue

Reflection: The Heart of Learning Reflection is perhaps the most important thing in becoming self-directed, lifelong learners. It is the heart of 21st Century Skills, necessary for adaptability and innovation. It is paramount in shifting from reforming schools to transforming them. Reflection Excuses Without reflection, learners might learn content, but they are not growing as…

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Little Agile Bakers

Vector Art by Vecteezy! I love to cook with my daughter.And, it is Christmas season, which means Santa needed some cookies. Have you ever cooked with your young kids?It is lots of fun, but….it often takes more time and a more mess. Christmas is a busy time for my family, every minute counts. So, I was…

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Bridging the Gap

The future will be a wildly different place than what schools were designed for. To thrive in a world that is increasingly complex, constantly changing, highly connected, and intensely competitive, students will need to master 21st Century Skills. Students will need to be adaptive, self-directed, collaborative, creative, and continuously learning. There are many approaches that…

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Element 1: The Visible Classroom

The Visible Classroom is the first element, and often the first step, in implementing an Agile Classroom. The Visible Classroom designs the learning environment for clarity, transparency, accountability, feedback, and adaptability. It gives a classroom a set of highly visible and dynamic artifacts called Learning Radiators that support and mediate learning. Once learning and expectations…

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Reflection: Glows Grows Knows

Sharpening the Saw We can all agree that we want students who are growing in their capacity to be self-directed, make better choices, and interact positively with one another. In order to do this, we have to give time for students to reflect and improve.  Stephen Covey calls this sharpening the saw: “Suppose you came upon someone…

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Agile Educator Spotlight: What’s In Your Way?

This post is part of a our series call Agile Educator Spotlight, where we highligh trailblazing Agile Educators and their stories of Agile in their school.  We are delighted to introduce to our guest author, an Agile Eduator in California, History Teacher, and Minecraft guru, Chris Scott. I like to help. So naturally one of my…

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Agile Educator Spotlight: Heather Carreiro

Heather Carreiro|, Agile Educator One of the best parts of my job conducing workshops and coaching for Agile Classrooms is meeting extraordinary 21st Century school leaders.  After all, only the innovative and trailblazing educators are considering something like Agile for their schools. Most recently, I met one of the most vibrantly positive 21st Century Leader, Heather Carreiro.…

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The Student Skills Matrix

The Student Skills Matrix When working toward an agile classroom, teachers may need some tools to create an environment suitable to their personal style as well as their current goals for their students. Recently, we learned about an approach for creating Cross-Strength Teams with roots in the OpenAgile community which could help a teacher or…

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21st Century Skills Cards

Another Card Deck from us to you.This one lays out the Life and Career Skills as outlined by the Partnership for 21st Century Learning.I recently used it to as a card game to learn about 21st Century Skills and to form cross-strength student teams.There are many other useful and fun ideas to use the 21st…

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