Why 21st Century Skills?

4Cs of Modern World

21st Century Skills Most of us are familiar with the 4Cs of 21st Century Skills: (1) Creativity, (2) Collaboration, (3) Critical Thinking, and (4) Communication. But why do these matter more today? What is the context that requires us to change how we teach and learn? 21st Century Context The 21st Century is a wildly…

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Refinement Protocol

The Learning Backlog is an adaptable, prioritized, and shared list of goals, skills, and products for future learning. All elements in the Learning Backlog are considered Learning Backlog Items. A Learning Backlog Item can include, yet is not limited to: learning objectives, standards, skills, and project deliverables.  Learning Backlog Items may be resequenced, broken down, changed, combined, or removed.

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Agile Classrooms is not Scrum

Agile Classrooms is strongly influenced by Scrum, yet it is not the same. Agile Classrooms evolved from the context of learning in classrooms and schools, which is different than the context of a corporation. Some key differences between Agile Classrooms and Scrum 2020 are: Agile Classrooms calls the time-box to demonstrate learning and project deliverables…

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Retrospective Protocol Guide

A way to routinize and practice the ‘growth mindset’, Retrospectives are a protected time for classrooms, learners, and teams to reflect on their learning and identify one action to improve and grow in the next cycle. Retrospectives are one of the Five Self-Directed Learning Routines in an Agile Classroom. To help you implement and practice…

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Learning Sprint Overview

The Learning Sprint The Learning Sprint is a fixed-length learning cycle that includes 5 self-directed learning routines. Short enough for frequent feedback yet long enough to produce something meaningful and assessable. Typically a Learning Sprint is four weeks or less. The Learning Sprint is composed of five self-directed learning routines: Together, the five Learning Sprint…

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Heads Up Display

In our Agile Classrooms workshop hosted by NewBoCo and supported by Scrum Alliance, we released our new Heads Up Display concept for learning teams. Needs We wanted something that was: 1. Modular – allowing classrooms to customize their setup. Adding 2. Easy – to minimize time to set up and break down. 3. Accessible – the board…

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Agile Classrooms: A Definition

Agile Classrooms is an authentic 21st century learning framework for growing adaptive & self-organizing classrooms that deepens the learning, enriches relationships, and broadens the future.

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Element 5: The Journey

There are 5 Elements to an Agile Classroom. This post will describe the Fifth Element, ‘The Journey’.Growing an Agile Classroom where students are learning iteratively in self is a journey. In any journey, it is useful to have a map. Just as map uses the degrees of latitude and longitude, an Agile Classroom uses the…

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Video: Agile Classrooms in Action at Grandview Prep

A wonderful video of the results and experience from the Agile Classrooms workshop at Grandview Preparatory School in Florida to enable 21st Century Learning. Thank you to our great partner, the Scrum Alliance, for making the video a reality! It was tons of fun to work with such passionate and innovative educators and their incredible…

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The Agile In Education Compass Poster

The Agile in Education Compass outlines key shifts we need to make to grow Agile learners, Agile classrooms, Agile educators, and Agile schools so that we can adapt an ever changing landscape.You can download your copy here.

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A New Learning Canvas Prototype

In observing many Agile Classrooms in action, I have noticed a few issues that  pop up frequently. In accordance with the principle of making the learning visible in order to support the student’s self-direction, I created an updated Learning Canvas to help. Problem 1: At times, students and teachers have trouble following or forget key parts of the…

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Agile Princess

My daughter has entered 1st grade this year. I can’t believe how fast she is growing.  She is discovering her strengths, developing more of her personality, & stretching her autonomy muscles (sometimes in ways that does not make it easy on me). In addition, 1st grade comes with more things for her to manage, more…

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