Empathy: The Ultimate Classroom Management Skill

FacebookTweetPinLinkedInEmailMeet Mary, a high school teacher serving “at risk” students in Phoenix. She has been struggling with her classroom. Students were being distracted and causing distractions. Students were blasting their music from their phones, talking to each other (not related to any learning), texting friends, and terribly unengaged in general. It spread and worsened throughout…

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The Learning Canvas

FacebookTweetPinLinkedInEmail We all want to see our students tackling the complex challenges of their own. But, for many of our students, they have never had to do this before. So, they feel overwhelmed and confused, and they flounder rather than flourish.  And you are pulled back into the traditional mode of telling them what and…

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Unpacking Empowerment

FacebookTweetPinLinkedInEmail In designing a 21st Century Classrooms, empowering self-directed learnings is key. In fact, growing empowerment it is one of the 4 key elements of an Agile Classroom, along with the Visible Classroom, the Learning Rhythym, and Growing Collaboration. This infographic goes deepens our understaning by unpacking the 4 essential components of what make up empowerment*: 1.…

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Student Progress Tool

FacebookTweetPinLinkedInEmail Self-tracking Proficiency  Rik Rowe, an inspiring high school Mathematics teacher (and yes, you should follow him on Twitter @WHSRowe), shared a great example of a student proficiency-tracking tool from “Knowing What Students Know” . Access to information and Student Agency are 2 of the 4 cornerstones of empowerment (see the Unpacking Empowerment Infographic). This is an effective…

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A GPS For Learning

FacebookTweetPinLinkedInEmail Student Drivers Wanted We all want our students to take the drivers seat of their own learning. And, many of us have tried, only to hear, “Can you just tell me what to do?”. Or when we ask what THEY want to do, you are met with, “I don’t know”. Yet, many of us…

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Agile Classrooms in the Alps

FacebookTweetPinLinkedInEmail Leysin American School in Switzerland We have seen Agile grow beyond software development in areas such as manufacturing and marketing in recent years. Agile continues to expand into the world of education. Nestled high in the Swiss Alps, teachers of the Leysin American School (LAS),  are embracing Agile to help prepare their students to achieve in a…

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Clarity: An Antidote to Classroom Management

FacebookTweetPinLinkedInEmail Student misbehavior is usually a symptom for a lack of clarity. As flowers grow on their own towards the sunlight, learners will move themselves toward clear goals and expectations. The job of the educator is to create an environment that radiates clarity. Clarity gives a classroom order, structure, and a perceived sense of control.…

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