Agile Learning Zones – Part 1: Growing Collaboration & Choice

Agile Learning Zones - The intersection of student collaboration and student choice

21st Century Classrooms: The Case for Agile Learning The 21st century is characterized by its rapid change, increased competition, and unprecedented connectedness, all of which necessitate a progressive approach to education (read Why 21st Century Skills for more details). Responding to this need, our ongoing series on Agile Classrooms has focused on nurturing future-ready skills…

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The Check-In: A Classroom Routine For Focus, Accountability, and Progress

The 4 Check-in Questions

What If… Overview These are some benefits of “The Check-In Routine,” the third Self-Directed Learning Routine in the Learning Sprint. It makes progress toward the learning goals visible. The visibility evokes conversations and grows students’ capacity to self-monitor, adapt, and seek support. The Check-In Routine is short and frequent. It is typically scheduled at the…

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Sprint Planning Protocol

Planning Protocol

In traditional lesson planning, the plan is developed solely by the teacher and is not visible to the students. This is fine for delivering content. If self-direction is the goal, then sharing the plan and the process of planning serves as an exemplar for students so they can begin doing it themselves.

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Element 3: Collaboration

There are 5 Elements to an Agile Classroom. This post will describe the third element, Collaboration. Collaboration is the process in which learners work together in achieving their goals. Collaboration can be viewed as type of scaffolding in itself, as learners support one another towards deeper knowledge. As learning challenges grow more complex, the more…

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Element 2: The Learning Rhythm

There are 5 Elements to an Agile Classroom. This post will describe the second element, The Learning Rhythm. In an Agile Classroom, learners set and achieve their goals within an iterative learning cycle called the Learning Rhythm. The the cycle is timeboxed from 1-4 weeks. When a cycle of the Learning Rhythm ends, it repeats…

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