The Check-In: A Classroom Routine For Focus, Accountability, and Progress

The 4 Check-in Questions

What If… Overview These are some benefits of “The Check-In Routine,” the third Self-Directed Learning Routine in the Learning Sprint. It makes progress toward the learning goals visible. The visibility evokes conversations and grows students’ capacity to self-monitor, adapt, and seek support. The Check-In Routine is short and frequent. It is typically scheduled at the…

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Agile Educator Spotlight: What’s In Your Way?

This post is part of a our series call Agile Educator Spotlight, where we highligh trailblazing Agile Educators and their stories of Agile in their school.  We are delighted to introduce to our guest author, an Agile Eduator in California, History Teacher, and Minecraft guru, Chris Scott. I like to help. So naturally one of my…

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