Agile Learning Zones – Part 1: Growing Collaboration & Choice

Agile Learning Zones - The intersection of student collaboration and student choice

21st Century Classrooms: The Case for Agile Learning The 21st century is characterized by its rapid change, increased competition, and unprecedented connectedness, all of which necessitate a progressive approach to education (read Why 21st Century Skills for more details). Responding to this need, our ongoing series on Agile Classrooms has focused on nurturing future-ready skills…

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Growing Student Choice – Spectrum of Choice

Spectrum of Choice

The Spectrum of Choice is an artifact to help answer the following questions: Think of it as Bloom’s Taxonomy for student choice, categorized into five levels, The Spectrum of Choice describes how the students and the teacher are involved at each level. By selecting the appropriate level for each routine of the Learning Sprint, classrooms…

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