Sprint Planning Protocol

Planning Protocol

In traditional lesson planning, the plan is developed solely by the teacher and is not visible to the students. This is fine for delivering content. If self-direction is the goal, then sharing the plan and the process of planning serves as an exemplar for students so they can begin doing it themselves.

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Retrospective Protocol Guide

A way to routinize and practice the ‘growth mindset’, Retrospectives are a protected time for classrooms, learners, and teams to reflect on their learning and identify one action to improve and grow in the next cycle. Retrospectives are one of the Five Self-Directed Learning Routines in an Agile Classroom. To help you implement and practice…

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Learning Sprint Overview

The Learning Sprint The Learning Sprint is a fixed-length learning cycle that includes 5 self-directed learning routines. Short enough for frequent feedback yet long enough to produce something meaningful and assessable. Typically a Learning Sprint is four weeks or less. The Learning Sprint is composed of five self-directed learning routines: Together, the five Learning Sprint…

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