Revitalizing Agile Retrospectives with Katas: Part 1

Revitalizing Agile Retrospectives With Toyota Kata

Retrospectives have been a cornerstone for continuous improvement for Agile teams. They are the sacred moments for reflection, adaptation, and connection. Yet, many teams report that retrospectives feel ineffectual, leaving them running in circles rather than advancing forward. Why is this, and how can we change it? The Traditional Woes of Retrospectives The Toyota Kata:…

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The 5S Strategy: Tame Your Product Backlog and Maximize Value

5S_Strategy_Infographic: Demonstrating the 5S strategy for Product Backlog Refinement - Subtract, Sort, Shrink, Slice, Substitute

Taming a Product Backlog might seem like trying to break in a wild stallion—unpredictable, headstrong, and quite the challenge. But imagine having a blueprint to rein in the craziness, strategies that harness the Product Backlog into one with focused purpose and clarity. Enter the 5S strategy—Subtract, Sort, Shrink, Slice/Split, Substitute—your saddle for this untamed horse,…

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The Dangers of the “Outcomes Over Outputs” Mantra

When it comes to progress, we all strive to make a meaningful impact in our lives and the world around us. It’s a journey that revolves around two fundamental elements: output and outcomes. My definition of progress is output towards a desired outcome. “Progress is output towards a desired outcome“ Output encompasses the tangible results…

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10 Tips to Becoming an Impediment Crusher

By Laura Williams Ok, so look, it’s not really about the time it takes; it’s about the steps you take towards the impediment crusher mindset and the processes you put into place to set your students up for success. And when you take these steps, you will find yourself teaching and thriving in an agile…

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4 Steps to an Agile Classroom

How to Build an Agile Classroom in 4 Steps

Are you ready to grow an Agile Classroom that supports student-led learning and fosters creativity and innovation? Then, let’s get started with these four steps! Step 1: Make Learning Visible The first step to create an Agile Classroom is to make learning visible. This means you and your students must be aware of the learning…

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Lynnhaven School’s Mission to Empower Students With Agile

When it comes to education, one size does not fit all. This is why schools are turning to innovative approaches to help students succeed. The Agile Classrooms framework has been a game-changer for Lynnhaven School, and in a recent webinar, Casey Hitchcock and Jim Frago shared their inspiring journey of implementing agile in their school.…

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