Connecting Agile Educators in Vietnam

This week, ISHMC American Academy, located in Ho Chi Minh City, is launching into extreme 21st Century Skills, starting with professional development and coaching from Agile Classrooms for the entire staff. I am very excited about our virtual guest who will be visiting us from around the world during the workshop, sharing their experiences and vision of Agile in education. Our guests include:

Manny Gonzalez, CEO of Scrum Alliance will be joining us from the Agile 2015 Conference in Washington DC.  The Scrum Alliance is a strong supporter of Agile in education and has been an integral part of Agile Classrooms since 2010.

Krissyn Sumare, Principal of Hope High School, and a Certified ScrumMaster, will be joining us from Phoenix, Arizona. Krissyn has been pioneering Agile and Scrum in her school, from teacher teams to classrooms, orchestrating a dramatic school turnaround.

Jan Fansen and Guido van Dijk will be with us from the Netherlands. Jan has founded Agora , a school based on Agile and inquiry based learning. Guido leads the Agile education program at Agora and is also a PhD Student at Open University, focusing his research on Agile in education.
Guido and Agile Classrooms have been collaborating on Agile applied to education for some time.

Agile applied to education is becoming a global movement that works. I am glad we can begin to connect with one another as we uncover better ways of learning for the 21st century, doing it, and helping others to do it.

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