Element 1: The Visible Classroom

The Visible Classroom is the first element, and often the first step, in implementing an Agile Classroom. The Visible Classroom designs the learning environment for clarity, transparency, accountability, feedback, and adaptability. It gives a classroom a set of highly visible and dynamic artifacts called Learning Radiators that support and mediate learning. Once learning and expectations are visible, we can restore learning to the rightful owners, the students. They prompt action, so that students can be given choice, without cognitive overload. Learning Radiators are opportunity structures for participative conversations around learning with students, colleagues, school leadership, and parents.

Learning Radiator Design

Each Learning Radiator is designed using the following components:
(1) Context: What does it support learners in doing? What conversations and choices do you want to evoke?
(2) Canvas: a structure to organize and frame relevant information for a specific context. The Canvas visually displays the boundaries and workflow for the context. Canvases contain Cards.
(3) Cards: captures information relevant to learners in small, discrete, visible chunks.
(4) Conversations: they are meant evoke conversations around learning

Core Learning Radiators

These are the core Learning Radiators that are suggested for an Agile Classroom, but, many more can be used.

Learning Radiator
Learning Roadmap
*An adaptable scope and sequence for the course or project. *Display overall course progress.
*Learning Increments – goals for the course that are broken down into progressively smaller chunks. It displays a clearly what is to be learned and the success criteria to be assessed against.
Learning Canvas
Visualizes, in realtime,  the process and progress of what is actively being learned.
*Learning Increments
*Learning Tasks – specific process and activities to achieve the Learning Increment
Reflection Canvas
Visual prompts for reflection and action for continuous improvement.
Any idea, insight, and forward action triggered by the reflection.
Learning Portfolio
Shows the cumulative story of the learning journey for the course(s).
A collection of student work resulting from the completion of Learning Increments. It may optionally include supporting information, such as overall progress, assessments, feedback, data, reflections, and agreements.
Learning Agreement
A living agreement that represents the values and behavior learners agree to uphold in their learning and interactions and how they will keep themselves accountable.
Cards that represent Values, Agreements, and Accountability.
On Your Mark Agreement
A living agreement that specifies the actions to be performed in order to be sufficiently prepared to begin common learning activities and classroom functions.
Cards that represent the event or function and the observable actions to to be considered ready to start it.
Finish Line Agreement
Living agreements on the criteria to be satisfied for common events, activities, and functions that must be done for it to be declared completed with high quality.

Cards that represent the activity or event and the observable actions that must be completed to be considered complete with high quality.

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