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Agile Classrooms is a next-generation learning framework that is designed to help students experience deep engagement, positive relationships, and extreme confidence that the way they learn is relevant and meaningful to their lives.

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John Miller - Founder of Agile Classrooms 3

Hi. I’m John Miller, Founder of Agile Classrooms

Agile Classrooms fully bloomed in a 4th-grade classroom.

I had worked for years as an Education Technology Director for a school district, which as a whole, wanted to move towards integrating 21st century skills within the curriculum. But what we found was that we could not change the way students learn, without first changing and modeling these 21st century skills in the staff and teaching methods themselves.

Using Agile, I spearheaded an innovative and engaging way to organize workflows with self-managed teams and quick feedback, creating a healthy and productive workplace culture that allowed for growth and prosperity.