Innovation Natives

Today, students are born Digital Natives. This is given.
They are comfortable with technology, it permeates their lives.
Yet, at the heart, these natives are mostly consuming technology.
Through these devices, they augment their presence, their network, and their knowledge.

They can find an answer to “What is?” or a “How do I?” in seconds on Google.
Yet Digital Natives are mostly consuming technology.
I often here we have to meet the students where they are.
That is the starting line. It is not the finish line.

Our job, as educators, is in the transformation business. Educators are future builders .This means embracing ours Digital Natives and challenging them to move beyond consumption. Challenging them to become to creatives, discovers, cross-pollinators, and designers. Our job is to transform our Digital Natives into the Innovation Natives.
The Creative Economy is already underway.

And we have a job to do so that our students do not get swept away.

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