Levels of Collaboration

We know that collaboration and communication skills are essential for students to master for today and tomorrow. One of the goals of an Agile Classroom is to grow the collaborative skills of students and leverage their collaboration for deeper learning, richer relationships, and a broader future.  Agile Classrooms has outlined 4 Levels of Collaboration a classroom can use and progress through. 

Collaboration Card Deck – 4 Levels of Collaboration – ¬©Agile Classrooms 2015
  • Which level are you most comfortable with?
  • Which level might stimulate growth for you and your classroom?
  • How might you use the levels in designing the classroom environment to support learning?

You can download the Collaboration Card Deck at the Agile Classrooms Resources page

Want to learn more about Agile Classrooms and how to grow collaboration in your school for extreme 21st Century Skills, contact us for an Agile Classrooms workshop!

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