Certified Agile Classrooms Teacher

A Livestreamed Class To Help You Grow Independent & Agile Learners

Make Learning Visible · Facilitate Agile Learning Routines · Grow Collaboration & Choice · Be Amazed By Your Students


9 am - 4 pm CT

You want to nurture future-ready skills in your students but struggle with:

  • Access to practical tools and strategies to make it a reality
  • Managing the drama that can arise when students work in groups
  • Balancing skill development and meeting mandated standards
  • Feeling safe to innovate in your classroom
  • Giving students more control without it getting out of control
  • Feeling overwhelmed with figuring it all out on your own

Three Steps to creating an Agile Classroom


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Learn the 3-Part Agile Classrooms Framework


Be Amazed By Your Students & Inspire Other Educators

Meet Your Guide

Laura Williams

Laura Williams

Laura is your resident authentic learning expert, co-facilitates the Iowa Authentic Learning Network for the Iowa AEAs, and is the founder of the Authentic Learning Alliance. She also is a Project Manager on a statewide project board for PK-12 Students across Iowa as part of her AEA role. She spends much of her time facilitating high-quality professional learning experiences to support educators in authentic projects. 

Laura is a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner and loves project management. Over the past 10 years, she’s dedicated herself to transforming education through incorporating authentic learning experiences with area partnerships into PK-12 classrooms as an educator, consultant, and 21st Century Learning Specialist. She believes that education can be “the great equalizer” if we can leverage our student’s interests and passions. 

Her educational background includes B.A. in Interdepartmental Health Studies: Emphasis on Multidisciplinary Sciences, M.A.T. in Secondary Science Education, and Principal Licensure and M.A. in Ed. Leadership and Policy Studies. 

The 3-Part Agile Classroom Framework

Make Learning Visible

Make Learning Visible

Make the learning process, progress, and working agreements visible.


Learning Sprint

Facilitate Learning Sprints

Guide students through short iterative cycles consisting of five learning routines.



Grow Collaboration & Choice

Incrementally scaffold student capacity to manage their learning and work in groups.


What Do I Get WIth The Live Course?


Experience an Agile Classroom

Use the Visible Classroom tools and practice the Agile Learning Routines to iteratively build a project with a team.  

Downloadable Resources

Access to a growing library of templates, protocols, and tools to make learning visible and facilitate Agile Learning Routines with your students.

Expert Guidance

Get live support and feedback from an experienced Agile Classrooms guide. Our guides have practical, hands-on experience implementing Agile in education. They can provide personalized advice for your specific context.

Become a Certified Agile Classroom Teacher

The Certified Agile Classrooms Teacher credential is a symbol that you are a champion of student choice and collaboration. As a recognized innovative educator, you will inspire others to do the same.

Innovating in schools should not be so hard.

As an educator, you want to prepare your students to be future-ready. To do so, you need to nurture real-world skills in your students as you cover the standards. However, it can be overwhelming and risky to innovate in a school without practical resources and strategies to support you. Innovating for your students should not be so hard. Agile Classrooms has assisted teachers in incorporating Agile principles, the industry standard for business innovation, into student learning for over a decade. As you integrate the Agile Classrooms Framework, students will take more control of their education and collaborate effectively while gaining authentic life and career skills. You will get more time for activities that bring you joy as a teacher, such as strengthening relationships with your students. This course will show you how to give control without losing control.

    1. Make Learning Visible -  Use tools to make the learning process and student progress visible. Transparency improves student engagement, focus, and motivation. Making learning visible makes it easier for students to understand and internalize the learning process. 
    2. Facilitate Learning Sprints - Guide students through short iterative cycles consisting of five self-directed learning routines called a Learning Sprint. Sprints provide clear procedures for student self-direction and collaboration, giving students guardrails as they can steer their own learning.
    3. Grow Collaboration and Choice - Incrementally scaffold student capacity to manage their learning and work in groups. Scaffolding makes it safe for you and your students to innovate. As students progress through successive Learning Sprints, you may increase their choice and collaboration levels. Get ready to be amazed by your students.

Agile Classrooms gives you a framework to stop feeling stifled and safely innovate in your classroom. So, get access to the Certified Agile Classrooms Teacher course today. In the meantime, get access to our free Agile Educator Guide and other practical resources to support your journey.

With the Agile Classrooms Framework you can help students to:

  • Set their own goals and objectives
  • Use insights from prior learning to inform future learning goals
  • Interpret what they want to learn and what they need to learn
  • Manage scope of work and learning in relation to time constraints
  • Apply initiative and self-direction
student teacher canvas
HS Canvas
  • Articulate need for support through self-advocacy
  • Be accountable to self and others
  • Practice effective conflict resolution skills
  • Develop strategies for giving and receiving critical feedback
  • Curate a toolkit of self-reflection tools
  • Apply problem-solving strategies

As a Certified Agile Classrooms Teacher, you can:

  • Demonstrate your knowledge through the gold standard for agile in education.
  • Be recognized as an innovative educator.
  • Intentionally scaffold student autonomy and collaboration.
  • Know you are making a difference by providing students with skills that are in high demand.
  • Spend less time on classroom management and more time doing what brings you joy as a teacher as students.
  • Better collaborate with colleagues and lead change outside of the classroom with the skills you gain.
  • Inspire others to become champions of student choice and collaboration.
Agile Classrooms Approach

Learning Objectives

What is Agile In Education?

Learn the principles underpinning Agile in Education and how it develops authentic 21st-century skills.

Forming Student Groups That Work

 Learn how to form durable cross-strength teams for collaboration that actually works.

Tools To Make Learning Visible

You will leave with practical tools to make learning visible, including the Learning Alliance, The Learning Backlog, and the Learning Canvas.

The Learning Sprint

Facilitate the five self-directed learning routines in the Learning Sprint, short cycles that result in demonstrating proficiency and feedback.

Grow Collaboration

Collaboration is a skill that can be developed. Learn to scaffold groupwork by using the Spectrum of Collaboration.

Grow Choice

Student independence is a skill that can be developed. Learn to scaffold self-direction by using the Spectrum of Choice.

Innovating in a school can be time-consuming and risky without the right support. We have helped many educators around the world:

Livestream Workshop

July 24-25, 2023

9 am - 4 pm CT



Class Requirements

Attend 12 hours of instructor-led learning

Attendance via Zoom video conferening



High bandwidth internet

Unblocked access to Miro, Zoom, and Google Apps.