Lynnhaven School’s Mission to Empower Students With Agile

When it comes to education, one size does not fit all. This is why schools are turning to innovative approaches to help students succeed. The Agile Classrooms framework has been a game-changer for Lynnhaven School, and in a recent webinar, Casey Hitchcock and Jim Frago shared their inspiring journey of implementing agile in their school. Casey, co-head of school, and Jim, dean of technology and innovation, spoke about their school’s student-centered approach to project-based learning and how they integrated agile into their curriculum.

Lynnhaven School, a small independent high school in Richmond, has a progressive approach to education. The school’s agile framework makes students’ work visible and manageable and has increased student engagement. Jim, who has been using agile since 2015/2016, found that agile was a useful framework for project-based learning because of its implementation challenges. Agile made PBL really work.

Casey and Jim shared that their classroom scenario is different from a traditional classroom, where students are rarely in the front lecturing, and teachers are supporting and coaching. The Agile Classrooms framework allowed for greater flexibility and adaptability in their approach to teaching. The visible tools and the Learning Sprint routines give students and teachers the transparency and structure to grow collaboration and self-direction.

Lynnhaven School shares that Agile Classrooms gave them a “how” to make the PBL and student-centeredness a practical reality. By using the Agile Classrooms framework, you can increase engagement, make student work visible and manageable, and create a student-centered classroom.

Lynnhaven School’s innovative approach to education is truly inspiring, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to hear from Casey and Jim. To learn more about Casey and Jim’s experiences, check out the webinar video below. The first part is an overview of Agile Classrooms by John Miller. The second part is the interview with Casey and Jim, at around the 17:30 mark.

If you’re interested in implementing agile in your classroom, consider attending one of Agile Classrooms’ upcoming webinars. You can also explore their website to learn more about the Agile Classrooms framework and how it can transform your classroom.

Thanks to Laura Williams of Authentic Learning Alliance for hosting this wonderful interview.

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