4 Steps to an Agile Classroom

How to Build an Agile Classroom in 4 Steps

Are you ready to grow an Agile Classroom that supports student-led learning and fosters creativity and innovation? Then, let’s get started with these four steps! Step 1: Make Learning Visible The first step to create an Agile Classroom is to make learning visible. This means you and your students must be aware of the learning…

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How to Start an Agile Classroom: Start Small & Start Safe.

Implementing an agile approach to education can seem intimidating, but it can bring numerous benefits for students and teachers. If you’re considering integrating real future-ready skills, this article will share some tips on starting an Agile Classroom without getting overwhelmed. Here are a few ways to start that are small and safe. Agile in your…

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Sprint Planning Protocol

Planning Protocol

In traditional lesson planning, the plan is developed solely by the teacher and is not visible to the students. This is fine for delivering content. If self-direction is the goal, then sharing the plan and the process of planning serves as an exemplar for students so they can begin doing it themselves.

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