The 5C Formula For Igniting Student Empowerment

Intro In today’s ever-changing world, educators are no longer mere purveyors of knowledge. We are shepherds, guiding our students toward becoming thinkers, creators, and innovators. Today, we’re unveiling a path-breaking formula for igniting student empowerment. We’ll explore the 5C’s and offer questions to help you kindle self-guided learning in your classrooms. Student Empowerment = Context…

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Make Learning Visible With The Learning Canvas

Learning Canvas

Introducing the Learning Canvas – a tool that helps students track their progress and make learning visible. With columns representing each step of the learning process, teachers and students can use cards or sticky notes to move their work from one part of the learning workflow to the next. This helps everyone stay organized and on track. The Learning Canvas is an excellent way for teachers to foster collaboration and responsibility among their students and is more engaging than traditional worksheets and logs.”

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Sprint Planning Protocol

Planning Protocol

In traditional lesson planning, the plan is developed solely by the teacher and is not visible to the students. This is fine for delivering content. If self-direction is the goal, then sharing the plan and the process of planning serves as an exemplar for students so they can begin doing it themselves.

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