Outcome-Driven Product Management

A Certified Scrum Product Owner Course

Unlock customer needs, inspire teams, and deliver outcomes that matter. Say goodbye to wasted time and sprinting to nowhere.


With our signature Certified Scrum Product Owner course, you'll reduce common pitfalls that cause products to fail and take too long to get to market, such as:

  • Reduce the uncertainty about what customers need
  • A huge backlog of wasteful features
  • Stakeholder drama and misalignment
  • Feeling unsure whether what you're building will be valued by users
  • Feeling you are stuck in a feature factory
  • Lack of clarity and buy-in around priorities
  • Juggling too many projects at once
  • Taking forever to get a decision made
  • Feeling overwhelmed from updating tickets and in meaningless meetings all day

Our Product Management Made Simple Recipe

So That You Become Confident, Competent, Credible, and Certified
  • Small Batches: Class sizes are kept small enough so that everyone gets the front-row experience.
  • Simplicity & Clarity: Making Product Management with Scrum relatable to anyone, even novices will grasp the essentials effortlessly, emerging with confidence to build what really matters.
  • Engaging Content and Connections: Forge meaningful connections with fellow professionals worldwide as you immerse yourself in an interactive, hands-on learning experience.
  • Pragmatic & Grounded: Leverage John's invaluable real-world expertise with top product companies and leave armed with tools, templates, and knowledge that you can deploy confidently in your organization.
  • Hands-on practice: Use the methods and tools for customer discovery to product backlog management.

Meet Your Guide - John Miller

John Miller

For over a decade, John Miller has been simplifying the tricky ideas of Agile and Scrum, making them easy to understand. John has helped professionals at top product companies like Netflix, Microsoft, and ServiceNow. A forward-thinking leader, he applies Agile beyond tech, reaching into fields like Marketing and Education. John created the Agile Classrooms framework, helping teachers worldwide prepare students for the future. As a respected expert featured in Forbes and other publications, John combines humor, real-life insights, and simplicity to make learning Scrum an enjoyable and eye-opening adventure. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer, a Certified Enterprise Coach, and a Certified Team Coach.


Watch John's Talk on Outcomes Before Features

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What Do I Get With The Outcome-Driven Product Management CSPO Course?


Experience Outcome-Driven Product Management

You will get hands-on experience in product management from discovery to getting ready for a Sprint.

Downloadable Resources

Access to a growing library of templates, articles, and resources that you can apply to impact your company and your career.

Expert Guidance

Throughout the course, get live support, answers, and feedback from someone with real experience and a depth of expertise.

Become a Certified Scrum Product Owner

Certified Scrum Product is one of the most recognizable Agile product certifications in the world that employers are looking for and practitioners take pride in having.

Exclusive Access to Methods Mentor Sessions

As an alumni, you will have exclusive access to our frequent Methods Mentor sessions, where you can learn new practices and approaches, and receive advice from experts and other professionals.

Beyond Scrum

Go beyond Scrum and learn other frameworks like Jobs-To-Be-Done, Opportunity Maps, and User Story Mapping. Unlike other CSPO courses that spend up to 50% of the time covering the same content as you learn in a Scrum Master Course, we focus solely on how to make an impact in your role as a Product Owner.

Course Agenda

  • What Is great product ownership and how does it relate to product management?
  • Learn what matters to your customers using Jobs-To-Be-Done
  • Articulate user needs as measurable and verifiable outcome statements.
  • Priortize outcomes and determine the right opportunities to pursue.
  • How to use a "Customer Job Description" to communicate, align stakeholders, and focus your teams on maximizing value.
  • Craft a clear and compelling Product Vision.
  • Develop options and decide on a solution to meet the chosen outcomes.
  • What does Scrum look like from the Product Owner’s point of view?
  • Different approaches for Product Backlog Refinement.
  • Holistically plan the development of your solution with User Story Maps.
  • How to use User Stories effectively (hint - it is not how you write them).
  • Slice stories small using various patterns to get to Sprint Ready.
  • Define success for each user story using acceptance criteria,

After Graduating From Our Outcome-Driven Product Management, Our Signature Certified Scrum Product Owner Course, You Can:

  • Demonstrate your knowledge to others through the gold standard in Product Ownership
  • Gain confidence to lead product teams from discovery to delivery.
  • Network with other professionals from around the globe.
  • Grow your competence so you can coach teams to become more effective.
  • Elevate your career
  • Transition to a new career
  • Become more fulfilled when you apply these concepts to help your teams and org become better.

What Past Students Say

Learning Product Ownership Should Not Be Complicated

No matter your level of experience, our Certified Scrum Product Owner workshop empowers you with the confidence and knowledge to lead teams in building impactful products. Dive into the strategic realm of product management, uncovering customer outcomes that truly matter. Then, delve into the tactical side, refining product backlogs with precision. Connect with a global community of professionals who will support you throughout your journey. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to confidence as we simplify, energize, and make learning product management an enjoyable and practical experience.

We are grateful for students from these top companies who put their trust us to make Scrum simple, fun, and relevant.

Class Requirements

Attend 14 hours of instructor-led learning

Attendance via Zoom video conferening



High bandwidth internet

Unblocked access to Miro, Zoom, and Google Apps.

You will be expected to be on camera during the class to verify participation.

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